9/8:Taylor Swift 在 "2012 Stand Up To Cancer" 首次演唱新歌 "Ronan"


Taylor 在9月7日出席 2012 Stand Up To Cancer 活動時獻唱了新歌"Ronan"

這首歌是寫給一位在 2011 年因癌症(神經母細胞瘤Neuroblastoma)去世的3歲小男孩 Ronan Thompson

由Tay 和 Ronan 的媽媽, Maya Thompson 共寫歌詞

內容很明顯是以 Taylor 的聲音唱出 Maya 對兒子的心聲


這邊有一封 Maya 在 Tay 探望過 Ronan 之後的感謝信: http://rockstarronan.com/2011/10/22/a-love-letter-to-taylor-swift/

小男孩 Ronan Thompson


Tay 在 Stand Up To Cancer Live 演出:



"Ronan" 歌詞:

I remember your bare feet,
Down the hallway,
I remember your little laugh,
Racecars on the kitchen floor,
Plastic dinosaurs
I love you to the moon and back,

I remember your blue eyes,
Lookin' into mine,
Like we had our own secret club,
I remember you dancin',
Before bed time,
Then jumpin' on me wakin' me up,
I can still feel you hold my hand,
Little man,
And even the moment I knew,
You fought it hard like an army guy,

Rememeber I, leaned in and whispered to you,
Come on baby with me,
We're gonna fly away,
From here,
You were, my best, friend,
For years,

I remember the drive home,
When the blind hope,
Turned to cryin' and screamin',
And why, flowers fell up in the worst way,
Don't know what to say,
To a beautiful, your dyin',
And it's about to be Halloween,
You could be anything,
You wanted if you were still here,
I remember the last day,
When I kissed your face,
And whispered in your ear,

Come on baby with me, we're gonna fly away,
From here,
Out of this curtain, this room, oh this house of grey,
We'll just disappear,

Come on baby with me, we're gonna fly away,
From here,
You were my best, friend,
For years,

And what if I'm standin' in your closet,
Tryin' to talk to you,
And what if I can't the hand-me-downs you don't fit into,
And what if I really thought, some miracle would see us through,
But maybe the miracle, wasn't even getting one moment, with you,

Come on baby, with me, we're gonna fly away,
From here,
Come on baby, with me, we're gonna fly away,
From here,

You were my best, for years,

I remember your barefeet, down the hallway,
I love you to the moon and back.



不只 Tay 唱到都哭了,我聽了都覺得很感動!(相信 Ronan 在天上也一定會感受到大家的愛>.<)

而且它很自然的讓我想到 Never Grow Up 和 The Best Day....

有別於 WANEGBT 的歡樂流行曲風, 最鄉村.最真實的 Taylor Swift is BACK :)


PS. Ronan 已經在 iTunes 上架囉!!!:http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ronan-single/id560227510

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  • Vi
  • 最喜歡Taylor的詞曲意境!!!!!
  • Taylor的毎一首歌都隱藏了一個生命故事
    that's why we love her :)

    Chloe:) 於 2012/09/09 13:05 回覆

  • 守秋
  • Taylor寫這首歌,讓我們永遠記得Ronan
    Pray for him
  • 相信Ronan會感受到大家對他的祝福:))

    Chloe:) 於 2012/09/13 21:13 回覆


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