8/24:Avril Lavigne 與未婚夫 Chad Kroeger【Hello! Canada】愛的故事大公開!

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The Avril+Chad HELLO! Canada interview

Falling in love was the last thing Avril Lavigne expected when she stepped into a Los Angeles recording studio with Nickelback frontman and fellow Canadian Chad Kroeger, 37, last February.


Their plan was to co-write just one song for Avril’s fifth studio album, but the partnership proved electric on all levels.


“We do the same thing and I think that understanding is hard to come by,” Avril, 27, tells Hello! Canada in an exclusive interview, adding, “He makes me laugh every day!”


Theirs is a love story that many never saw coming. Until January, the “Complicated” singer – who is divorced from Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley – was in a two-year relationship with reality-TV personality Brody Jenner. Chad was once engaged to Maarianna Goriuk before calling it quits some time ago.

這段沒人會想到的戀情直到一月才開始萌芽。這位”Complicated”的歌手--曾和魔術41的主唱Deyreck Whibley離婚過,又經歷一段和電視實境秀演員Brody Jenner有過兩年的戀情。兒查德曾和Maarianna Goriuk訂婚過,卻又在短暫時間後喊停。

But now that they are together, Avril and Chad seem to be a perfect fit. Sharing all the charming details of their romance and engagement exclusively with Hello Canada, the pair opens up about their growing love, his thrilling proposal, and their plans for the future together.


HC: Avril and Chad, congratulations! You fell for each other while working on Avril’s album. When did the sparks first begin to fly?


Avril: We hit it off in the beginning and became really good friends right away. Our relationship didn’t start until the toward the end of making the record


Chad: Once I joined Avril in Paris [in the spring], I knew I was falling for her. It was incredibly powerful and something I’ll never forget.


HC: Avril, how did Chad propose?


Avril: I’d been making a scrapbook the whole time I was in the studio, with my Polaroid camera. I would bring it with me everywhere. It was our fourth session in the studio and I walked in on August 8 and Chad was scrapbooking. He asked me to come over and see the page he just added in. I walked over to the book; he flopped the page and there was a picture of him holding the ring and the words “Will you marry me?” he got down on one knee and said “Avril, look at me, I’m really nervous right now. Will you marry me?” I said yes right away! That scrapbook has a lot of great memories for me but that page is by far my favorite!

小艾:我在錄音室時一直有在做我的剪貼本,都是我的寶來麗相機所拍的照片。我喜歡帶著它到處跑。還記得是 8/8,我第四次進錄音室看到查德正在整理剪貼本。他叫我過去然後看他剛剛加入的那頁。我走近一看那剪貼本,他馬上翻到那頁,上面的圖片是他拿著戒指旁邊 還有一行字寫”你願意嫁給我嗎?”隨即他馬上單腳跪下然後說「小艾,看著我,我現在是有點緊張的。你願意嫁給我嗎?」我立刻就答應了!那本剪貼簿對我來說 有很多美好的回憶,而那頁當然是我的最愛!

Chad: Once she saw it, there was no turning back. I was so nervous, I got down on one knee and before I could get the full sentence out she said “yes.” It was definitely one of the most powerful moments of my life.


HC: Avril, tell us about your engagement ring


Avril: it is so beautiful. I love it! It’s 14.01 carats, pear-shaped with two half-moon side stones from XIV Karats Beverly Hills.


HC: Chad, why did you choose that ring?


Chad: You just don’t see that many pear shaped diamonds out there. The second I saw the stone I immediately knew it was just as unique as she is.


HC: What attracted you to Avril?


Chad: One of the first things I found myself attracted to was her courage. She moved to France on her own and was living there by herself so she could learn French. She is absolutely fearless. There is something so sexy about that. We started off as friends and then fell in love. There is a level of mutual respect that is so pure and wonderful it made me want to spend the rest of my life with her. I feel like the luckiest person alive because I get to be with my best friend everyday.

查德:我發現自己被她吸引的第一件事就是她的勇氣。她自己一個人去法國,一個人住,好讓她自己能學好法文。她 真的很勇敢!然後這還有更吸引人的事,我們是從好朋友變情人陷入熱戀的。我們之間的互相尊重是如此的單純且美好,這讓我有想和她度過餘生的念頭。我覺得我 大概是世上最幸運的人了!因為我每天都可以和我最好的麻吉在一起。

HC: As a musician, how did you like working with her?


Chad: Working with Avril has led to some of the most amazing collaborations I’ve ever been a part of. She can do things with her voice most singers only dream of. I find her truly inspirational.


HC: Do you think there is a special bond between you as Canadians?


Chad: It’s funny that we always speak of the kinship and familiarity of us both being Canadian. There is just a common bond between us in that aspect that we both cherish.


HC: Avril, what do you love most about Chad?


Avril: He’s Canadian! He is a really good guy and has such a kind heart. He takes care of me in every way and is extremely attentive. He makes me laugh every day. He’s very consistent, smart, hardworking. We both understand each other’s lives and careers. We do the same thing and I think having that understanding is hard to come by. We have a lot of respect for each other.

小艾:同樣是加拿大人,哈哈!他真的是個好男人也有很好的心腸。在各方面他都把我照顧的好好的,非常體貼。他 讓我每天都笑的超開心。他是個做事很一致的人,又很聰明,肯努力工作。我們都互相了解對方的生活及事業。我們的想法很一致,都會做一樣的事情,而且我覺得 互相理解是很難克服的。我們對彼此都是很尊重的。

HC: What would fans be surprised to learn about him?


Avril: I’m not sure what people know about him but I was surprised to learn how funny he is.


HC: What did your families say about your engagement?


Chad: You never know what your parents are going to say when you tell them you’re getting married – especially when its with someone they haven’t met yet! My mom is a huge fan of Avril’s, so putting her on speaker phone and telling her the news was hilarious and equally embarrassing.


Avril: Everyone who has met him loves him. Everyone is super stoked for us. The reaction from our friends and family has been awesome!


HC:Have you been to each other's hometowns yet? (avril was born in Napanee,Ont ; Chad hails from Hanna, Alta.)

HC:你們各自有去過彼此的家鄉了嗎?(小艾的是Napanee, Ont,查德則是Hanna, Alta)

Chad: Not yet. I find that almost as terrifying as telling your parents you’re going to tie the knot. You just never know when someone is going to come out of the woodwork with a story that starts off with “Let me tell you about the time…” But I know she is dying to take me to La Pizzeria to try her favorite pizza in the world!

查德:還沒呢。我發現這就跟告訴你父母你即將要嫁給我一樣緊張。你從來都不會知道有人會無預警的說「現在是做什麼的時候.....」但我知道她現在非常想帶我去La Pizzeria品嘗她覺得世界上最好吃的比薩!

HC:Avril, have you started plannig your wedding yet?


Avril: I know exactly what I want. I have the whole thing planned out in my head. It will be a huge celebration!





是否覺得 Chavril 的緣分很奇妙?! (其實是 Chad 艷福不淺?!)






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